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Weapons And Abilities

A little introduction to Youzen's weapons and his abilities. Based mostly on the manga rather than the anime. And since I'm far from the end of the manga... this list isn't finished. ^.~


Sansentou ()

A three-tined fork (?!) . When swiped, it causes a very strong vibration of the air around (air vibes/waves). So even if it wasn't a direct hit, the waves will still cause people/things around to be hit and hurt.
Probably Youzen's favourite "weapon". He mostly uses the sansendou for attacks throughout the series, more than the other paopei.


Koutenken ()

Kawaii! Koutenken's a 'biological paopei' ... in other words, it's a living paopei. In the shape of a dog... and it looks like some spiritual animal, yet it's an official paopei! VERY destructive if it has to be. Can be used as transportation too... how convenient! ^.^
Did I mention that Youzen keeps Koutenken in his sleeve? He treats the doggy like a pet too... like.. he keeps him well-groomed. ^.~


Shapeshifting Ability

Do I need to explain this? ^.^ Youzen's one of the TWO people who can shapeshift in the whole of senkai. (The other one happens to be Kohibi) Basically, he can turn into anyone/anything that he recognizes. Not only can he turn into that person or thing, but he can also use their abilities. 
Shapeshifting isn't restricted to the body alone, he can create other's paopei as well. (ex. He managed to use Raishinshi's wings a few times) 
AND YOUZEN HAS A YOUKAI FORM! Don't forget that. ^.~


Youzen's Shapeshifting List!! 
Part of the list that Youzen actually turned into... full list to come when I figure out what the other names are. ^^;; 

Full Form:
Dakki (his favourite. @.@), Kohiko, Shinkohyou, Kotenka, Ouma, Nataku, Hekiun, Tyoutenkun, Raishinshi, Taikobou, Mareisei, Youshin, Bomb, Sand. 
Koyuken's hand, Raishinshi's wings, Nataku's weapon (those 2 ring-like things), Inkou's paopei (That ... seal?), Taikoboyu's Daishinben, Ouma's Paopei, Mareiko's paopei, Mareiju's paopei. 


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