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:: NOTICE ::

July 23, 2002

First ... New wallpapers in Goodies Section!

Here to say that I, Ana, webmistress of this site will no longer be updating the Niroushin Temple. It's not that I don't like Youzen anymore, of course, I still adore him, but the urge to update is kind of weak and I have tons of things to deal with IRL. (I'll be going to university this year ... and I'm taking this really odd course... so... go figure). There are tons of Youzen shrines out there that are probably much better than mine anyway... so, all of you aren't going to die! >D


It's really sad that I'll be leaving this place.... but still, the site will be here until Tripod decides to kick me off their servers. Feel free to send me any emails still, if you have any questions regarding Youzen or this site, or basically, Houshin Engi. I'll be happy to answer you. And those who have fanstuff to submit, feel free to do so too, even though I've taken the link off this page. Kinda stupid leaving it there when you don't have anything on the page ... but if someone sends me something or if I ever figure out how to draw Youzen... I'll put up Worshippers' Place once again.

As for now, I'll be working on my collective "Circles in a Little Dark Corner", my Kurama site (http://www.youkokurama.com), a group collective "Pet Meow Productions" (http://petmeow.youkokurama.com), and Hunter^2, a Hunter x Hunter fanpage. (http://www.hunterxhunter.net). Not to forget, fight through IRL. ~_~;

A BIG thank you and hugs to you call who've dropped by and so supportive of Niroushin Temple. ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU!! ^_^


Comments, questions and flames can be sent to anayounan@yahoo.com
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