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Total Obsession...


Are you having too much of Youzen? Let's find out! ^.~ Oh, and send me YOUR list if you find yourself complete koo-koo over the blue-haired bishounen too!

You Know You Are Obsessed With Youzen When...

by Ana-chan

You've snatched all the Youzen titles (Mikos, Koibito, Aisai, Tenshi, etc) on all official lists on the net. (I am guilty here...)

You're working very hard to grow/keep your hair long, smooth, soft, nice...

Having your hair dyed blue isn't weird at all.

You keep your hair dyed blue even if your school doesn't allow it.

You TELL them that's your natural hair color!

You have a big white dog called Koutenken

You simply have ANY dog and it's still called Koutenken

You actually try sitting on the dog!

Your dog can hide up your sleeve

Your dog can fly ~~~~~~

You keep a three-tined fork with you all the time

The fork's called sansendou

You claim that the FORK can turn REAL big and is a deadly weapon/paopei a particular SOMEONE gave you.

Your hide your fork where Youzen hides his sansendou. (And if YOU know where he keeps it... TELL ME! O_O)

You've written a YKYAOWYW.... and it's only part of the list of what you normally DO!

by Canal-san

u go cosplaying as youzen

u dress up as youzen even if u're not cosplaying

u go to China and seeks for Konron mountain hoping u will find Youzen there

u proclaim u're a genius

u're a guy and u like dress up as a girl

u use ur 'sexy leg attack' on ppl *LOL*


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