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All you want to know about Youzen


Name: Youzen / /

Other names/Codenames: Ten Sai Doushi, Sei Gen Myo Dou Shin Kun

Gender: Male

Age: Hm... I'd like to know that too

Paopei/Weapon: Kouten Ken, Sansendou

Rank: Doushi (Rough Translation: Priest)

Home: Konron San Myuku, Gyokusen San, Kinka Dou (living with Gyokutei Shinjin, I suppose)

Teacher/Master: Gyokutei Shinjin

Place of Birth: Kingou Dou

Father: Tsuu Ten Kyo Sho

Hobbies: Tea drinking (?), Cross-dressing (Haaaai.... ~.~;)

Likes: Beautiful things (Scenery, etc), HIS own looks (Gets classified in Beautiful Things, ne? ^.^)

Dislikes: Ugly things.... do I really have to start specifying?

Youzen At A Glance:
A very proud person indeed, but he does have the right to be proud. Youzen, also known as 'Ten Sai Doushi' or in simple english 'The Genius Priest', is one of the most powerful of Konron San, and is up to the level for being a 'Shinjin', yet, he refuses to claim that title. Reason? He wants to train himself more to become more powerful, and if he does become a 'Shinjin', he would need to take in an apprentice and train them, therefore will not have the time to train himself. The only people Youzen actually listens to are Gyokutei Shinjin and Taikobou.

Youzen was sent by Genshi Tenson to help Taikobou with the Houshin KeiKaku (Houshin Project). At first, he doubted Taikobou's ability and put him to the test (3 tests according to the manga, and only 1 in the anime). Taikobou, though silly, managed to pass all of them, and Youzen was very much impressed, finally agreeing to lend a helping hand to Taikobou.


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