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About the Shrine Owner

Or should I say, owners? Teri-san helped me a lot by making those beautiful winamp skins for me! ^.^

Ana ~ Shrine Founder and Owner
a.k.a Kurama no Hime, Youzen no Nisou, Youzen no Hime, Youzen no Aisai and Youzen no Chuushin. (AND the Youzen title hogger. >:P)

Whee, a little place I call my own and where I can blab all I want... ohohoh!
Youzen: But this is MY shrine, I believe?
Ana: BUT! These are MY QUARTERS! So move it! *shoves Youzen out*
Anyway! What can I say? Complete anime/manga freak? ^.~ That's half my life already! (my other half happens to be the computer, TV, jpop/jrock!)
So... I'm from Hong Kong (where heat exists outdoors in winter!), a senior high student... My favorite anime/manga would be Yuu Yuu Hakusho and Houshin Engi, then Slayers, HunterXHunter, Flame of Recca... oh, just a lot! Favorite character? Kurama!
Youzen: NANI?!
Ana: I had to be truthful... ^^; But see, Youzen comes very close second!! Or else I wouldn't be making a shrine for the blue-haired bishounen! >.<

Teri ~ Number one helper with the Winamp skins and multimedia!

I'm a girl. I'm 13 and I live in the US (I wish I lived in Taiwan. It's the pits for getting manga here). Some of my favorite anime/manga include Kenshin, Houshin Engi, Flame of Recca, and other anime/manga that have bishonen men. I'm pretty lazy and hates doing chores. I'm love anime and computers and my current obsession is making winamp skins (especially Youzen). That's about it.


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